New top story on Hacker News: Getting close to 40, mid life crisis, depression, and finding release

Getting close to 40, mid life crisis, depression, and finding release
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I think this question may have already been asked, as one variant or another; but let me give you my situation. My daily routine involves going to a job I absolutely despise, going home to screaming kids and nagging wife, and then finally going to bed to start it all over again the next day. I understand that most people have jobs they hate, but you typically have a release when you go home, and that balances things. What if you have no release, and you don’t really have any friends because you’re new to the area. How do you cope? I feel like a little bit of me is lost every day, as my mind just spirals out of control. I hate waking up, because I know it will be the same thing over again, day after day. Most of my career I’ve been a contractor (software engineering), and the past 5 or so years I’ve focused more on architecture and start-ups. My most recent job is for a very large corporation, and it’s completely not what I normally go for, but it was the only option in the area I live (offering the money I wanted). The wife thinks I should be here at least 1 year, or else it’ll look bad on my resume. Anyone else feel like their life is a prison? I know I have choices, but given our situation, quitting this job just isn’t an option right now. I suppose I can look for something new, but this area is very dry when it comes to my kind of work. Remote is an option, but the competition seems fierce (everyone wants remote), and architect roles are typically on-site, unless I go back to development.

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